Seltzer water, a great diet drink

Seltzer water goes by many names; sparkling water, fizzy water, carbonated water and is the result of the carbonation process water goes through in a seltzer machine. It is very easy to make sparkling water all you need is a seltzer machine and pressurized carbon dioxide canisters. The seltzer machine forces pressurised carbon dioxide into the water creating the seltzer water. Flavours can be added to the fizzy water to create different drinks.

Seltzer water is a cheap alternative to all the different bottled sparkling water that is currently on the market. The initial outlay for a seltzer machine may be quite high but it is more environmentally friendly as the number of plastic bottles being thrown away is significantly reduced, plus the canisters that contain the carbon dioxide care sent back to SodaStream who recycle them so they can be used again and again.

Flavoured sparkling water has become very popular over the years as more and more people move away from soda because of health issues associated with their ingredients. Soda Club are the company behind the seltzer maker known as SodaStream, they also produce a range of 25 different flavoured syrups called SodaMix that can be mixed in and enjoyed with the sparkling water. These syrups are a great alternative to low calorie pop. Although they taste good they contain artificial sweeteners that are not good for you. If you are looking for a healthier option, there are a large assortment of calorie free flavourÕs to flavour sparkling water for a great taste sold at Unlike SodaMix, these flavours contain absolutely no fruit concentrate or sweeteners, just the flavour so you get great refreshment without any extra calories.

Fizzy water is a healthier beverage than other carbonated drinks such as soda or its diet equivalent. You can keep homemade seltzer water fizzy for long periods of time by investing in a seltzer dispenser. These bottles are pressurized in order to keep the water inside from going flat. They use a valve to release the water a bit like an aerosol can.

Seltzer water has a number of things going for it: The technology has advanced considerably since the 1980Õs and now seltzer machines are far more capable of producing good sparkling water, It is very easy to make as the seltzer machines do everything for you, it is very environmentally friendly, it is economically viable as the cost of the machine is offset by the fact that you can make as much seltzer water as you like, the flavours have got better over time with more and more companies entering the market with their own even healthier brands, and of course the fact that it is better for your health compared with traditional sodas.

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